Yttrium is an Element in the game.


How to Change Yttrium[edit | edit source]

Bunsen Burner: Turns into Scandium

Yttriumdiagram .jpeg

Centrifuge: Turns into Strontium

Oscilloscope: Enjoys it.

Freezer: Turns into Zirconium.

Test Tubes: Splits into Yttrium Babies

Info[edit | edit source]

Type: Transition Metal

Symbol: Y

Number: 39

Voice Sfx: “Yrrr!”

Favorite meme: "beanos"

Favorite video: "cats vs pickles"

Appearance: He is a peach colour and has pink ears and pink cheeks.

Friends: Everyone

Enemies: No-one, But gets annoyed with Copper and Berzelium. (she used to hate Rubidium)

Crush: Zirconium (possibly)

Favorite Cartoon: Total Drama (oml good taste)


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