Tennessine is an element in the game. She used to be named Ununseptium.

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"Huh?" It sounds like ununseptium has no idea what we’re talking about but she’s actually not so silly as she may seem. it was produced in Russia as late as 2009. As the discovery of this element has not yet been verified by IUPAC, its place in the Periodic Table is still unofficial. 
How did they find it then? By bombarding berkelium with over 7 trillion calcium-48 ions per second for 70 days, all accelerated to 10% of the speed of light! Wow, quite an experiment!"

8 days later... I change the symbol to "Ts"

Info[edit | edit source]

Type: Liquid

Appearance: A pinkish purple element with white lips, a blue nose and sharp teeth.

Number: 117

Voice sfx: "Tuhs?"

Extra info: [1]

Other[edit | edit source]

How to pronounce her name: TEN-ə-syn or TEN-ə-seen

Year she was discovered: 2010

Symbol: Ts (used to be Uus)

Friends: Samarium 

Enemies: Bohrium  

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