Rutherfordium is an element in the game.

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"Introducing rutherfordium, named after the father of nuclear physics - Lord Ernest Rutherford. This element is synthetic and a very radioactive metal, created by nuclear bombardment."

How to change Rutherfordium[edit | edit source]

Oscilloscope: Seems to enjoy the oscilloscope

Centrifuge: Turns into Dubnium

Bunsen burner: Seems to enjoy the bunsen burner

Test tubes: Turns into Copernicium

Freezer: Becomes frozen

Info[edit | edit source]

Type: Solid

Appearance: A pinkish grey element with a red nose, red mouth, oval shaped pink cheeks and ears. He looks like Beryllium.

Number: 104

Voice sfx: "Ruff ruff"

Synthetic Name: Unnilquadium

Extra info: [1]

Other[edit | edit source]

How to pronounce his name: RUDH-ər-FOR-dee-əm

Year he was discovered: 1964

Symbol: Rf

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