Red Newtonium is an Allotrope for the Game.


How to Change Red Newtonium[edit | edit source]

Bunsen Burner: Enjoys it.

Centrifuge: Seems to enjoy the Centrifuge.

Oscilloscope: Turns into Galilium

Freezer: Turns into Cyan Newtonium.

Test Tubes: Turns into Paulium

Info[edit | edit source]

Symbol: Nw

Number: 119

Appearance: He is a red element with one eye and cyan cheeks. He looks like Thomsonium, but has no ears.

Personality: He loves his younger sister, Cyan Newtonium. He is very protective of her.

Voice Sfx: Nwaaaaaa!

Friends: Hydrogen, Thomsonium and his younger sister.

Enemies: Krypton.

Extra thing: He is Sensitive.

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