Phosphorus is an element in the game.

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"The very last element is here!

Let us introduce phosphorus. Hennig Brand was the man who discovered this element in 1669, from urine! Actually, urine naturally contains large quantities of phosphates which makes it the perfect liquid to experiment with. He was also very secretive and didn’t tell the public about his method, instead he sold it to two other chemists. What a business man!"

How to change Phosphorus

Oscilloscope: Turns into Silicon

Centrifuge: Splatters all over the centrifuge

Bunsen burner: turns into Nitrogen 

Test tubes: Splits into minis

Freezer: Turns into Sulfur

Info[edit | edit source]

Type: Liquid

Appearance: A yellow element with white lips and pink cheeks. He looks like Hydrogen.

Number: 15

Voice sfx: "Pee-pa-po-peep"

Favourite meme: "Yeet"

Extra info: [1]

Other[edit | edit source]

How to pronounce his name: FOS-fər-əs

Year he was discovered: 1669

Symbol: P

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