Cyan Newtonium is a element for the game.


How to change Newtonium

Centrifuge: Seems to enjoy the centrifuge.

Bunsen Burner: Turns into Galilium.

Test tubes: Turns into Iridium in Test tubes.

Oscilloscope: Turns into Red Newtonium.

Freezer: Seems to enjoy the freezer.


Type: Alkali metals

Appearance: A dark cyan element with aquatic colours like blue and turquoise, happy expression. She Has The Same Face As Hydrogen. All the fanmade elemements update witch is not released yet.

Number: 119

Voice sfx: "Nowhere"

Age: 119 years old

Release: Mar 8, 2021


How to pronounce his name: New-Tonn-eeyum

Year has been discovered: 2009

Symbol: Nw

Friends: Hydrogen big brother, Red Newtonium potassium and lanthanum.

Enemies: Krypton and calcum.

Before Cyan Newtonium: Oganesson

After Cyan Newtonium: Galilium

Name: Newtonium

Old: 1.1.3

New: 1.1.4

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