Kirchoffium Is A Fanmade Element In The Game.

How To Change Kirchoffium[edit | edit source]

Oscilloscope: Seems to enjoy the Oscilloscope

Centrifuge: Enjoys It

Bunsen Burner: Turns into Bornium

Test Tubes: Splits Into Minis

Freezer: Enjoys It

Info[edit | edit source]

Type: Kirchoffides

A Fried Chicken Element With Red Lips, Blue Eyelids, Green Eyebrows, Green Cheeks, A Mustache, Eyebrow, and stuff in his mouth. He Makes An Eating Sound With His Voice Sfx and has the same face as Bohrium.

Symbol: Kf

Atomic Number: 167

Friends: Bohrium and Gibbsium, cause they look alike.

Enemies: Keplerium

Extra Thing: He ADORES fried chicken, and eats it a lot.

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