Hertzium is a fanmade element for the game.


How to change Hertzium[edit | edit source]

Centrifuge: Seems to enjoy the Centrifuge.

Freezer: Turns into Wittenium.

Test tubes: Splits into Minis

Oscilloscope: Seems to Enjoy The Oscilloscope

Bunsen burner: Seems To Enjoy The Bunsen Burner

Info[edit | edit source]

Type: Dumasides

A fuschia element. A fuschia element with, circular pink cheeks, white lips, and 2 ears on the top right. She has the same face as Livermorium.

Number: 151

Voice sfx: "Hazz!"

Other[edit | edit source]

Year has was discovered: 2005

How to pronounce her name: Hertzium

Symbol: Hz

Friends: Livermorium

Enemies: Carbon

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