Helium is an element in the game.

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"Say hi to Helium. The party planner of the Periodic Table. Where can you find it then, inside a party hat perhaps, or the cake? No no, you fill it into the flying balloons. Helium is sometimes use for balloons. It helps Balloons to float. In the game, her voice is pitched up since when you suck on Helium (which you shouldn’t try), it would pitch up your voice.”

How To Change Helium[edit | edit source]

Oscilloscope: Neon

Testube: Yellowium

Info[edit | edit source]

Type: Gas

Appearance: A pink element with blue eyelids, red lips and green features.

Number: 2

Voice sfx: "Heee-Heee-Heeeaaaa" (pitches up)

Other sfx: "*windows error*"

Extra info: [1]

Real Life Photos[edit | edit source]

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