Galilium is a fanmade element for the game. 


Galilium, in Game.

How to change Galilium

Centrifuge: Seems to enjoy the Centrifuge

Test Tubes: splits into minis

Bunsen Burner: seems to enjoy the bunsen burner

Oscilloscope: Turns into Newtonium

Freezer: Seems to enjoy the freezer


JQ 1 2 0

Type: Alkaline earth metal

Appearance: A red element two eyes, dark green element and orange lips and blue. He has the same face as Radium.

Number: 120

Voice sfx: "Geh!"

Age: 120 years old

Color: Red


How to pronounce his name: Ga-Li-Lium

Symbol: G

Friends: Radium

Enemies: Americium

Before Galilium: Newtonium

After Galilium: Lavoisium

Next Week: Mar 10 2021

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