Feynmanium is a fanmade element for the Game.


How to Change Feynmanium[edit | edit source]

Bunsen Burner: Seems to Enjoy the Bunsen Burner.

Centrifuge: Turns into Cavendishium

Oscilloscope: Seems to enjoy the Oscilloscope

Freezer: Seems to Enjoy the Freezer.

Test Tubes: Splits into Feynmanium babies.

Info[edit | edit source]

Number: 137

Appearance: He is a Dark Blue Element. A Dark Blue element with 2 eyes, white Lips, and circular pink cheeks.

Voice Sfx: “Feye!”

Symbol: Fy

Friends: Iron

Enemies: Messierium/Ultimium

Extra thing: He tries to switch places with Messierium, but fails.

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