Dumasium is a fanmade element for the game.


How to change Dumasium

Centrifuge: Turns into Scheelium

Freezer: Takes a frozen shower and then gets frozen in ice

Test tubes: Explodes into 6 small baby dumasiums

Oscilloscope: Gets electrocuted

Bunsen burner: Takes a hot bath


Type: Dumasides

Apperance: An Aqua Green element. A Aqua Green element with, Circular pink cheeks, white lips and Black Eyelashes. She has the same face as Hydrogen.

Number: 143

Voice sfx: "Dududududu"

Year she was discovered: 2002

How to pronounce her name: Du-Mas-ium

Symbol: Du

Friends: Her 14 Sisters: Newtonium, Hydrogen, Icelandium, Martiniquium, Maldivesium, Dimium, Higgsium, Mozambiquium, DM2, Rwandium, Maltium, Israelium, S/2010 (226088) and Dubnium

Enemies: Lanthanum

Personality: She loves her 14 sisters

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