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Americium is an element in the game. Named after America.

”Happy Friday from Americium! It actually got its cool name from America as it was originally produced in Chicago. It’s commonly used in smoke detectors but is also very toxic because of its radioactivity. That’s why it has got that fabulous aura around itself!”

Info[edit | edit source]

Type: Liquid

Appearance: a yellow goldish element with a brown antenna, blue eyelids, blue nose, white lips, sharp teeth, purple mouth, and pink cheeks.

Special Affect: has a pink ray similar to a fictional shield around the element.

Number: 95

How to change Americium[edit | edit source]

Oscilloscope: Turns into Europium

Centrifuge: Turns into Planckium

Bunsen Burner: Seems to enjoy but produces dark brown steam

Chemicals: Turn into Cesium

Freezer: Turns into Curium

Other[edit | edit source]

Symbol: Am

He was discovered in 1944.

Voice sfx: "AAAAMMMMMMMMMM" Like a god.

Favourite meme: *the yo mama song intro*

Sounds like Soundwave to me.

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